Grants for businesses - Lockdown 2

If you are a business or live down in South Essex the last couple of weeks have been a confusion of rules and restrictions. The temptation of travelling over the border from Essex (Tier 1) into Southend or Thurrock (Tier 2) has meant confusion for business owners trying to implement rules and know what funding is available to them.

The UK wide lockdown from Thursday 5th November will make it somewhat clearer to all businesses the grant funding now available to them.

If your business is forced by law to close on Thursday 5th November then you will be entitled to government grants.

- If your business rateable value is £15k or lower then your grant will be £1,334 per month.

-If your business rateable value is £15k to £51k then your grant will be £2,000 per month

-If your business rateable value is over £51k then your grant will be £3,000 per month

The grants will be administered by local authorities just the same as the grants made back in April 2020. Each local authority will regulate applications and businesses will need to make application to the local authorities directly.

We believe that businesses can claim the grants even if they pivot their business model, so for instance if a local restaurant has to close but then offers delivery they will still be entitled to the grants.

Once local authorities update websites with links for applications we will amend this blog with links for direct applications.

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